The ceramic art of BARISOF DESIGNS reflects Steven's 53 years and Bonnie's 47 years as professional potters, and 44 years of collaboration. In 1975 Bonnie met Steven due to their mutual interest in clay.

They sell their work primarily to individuals and private collectors in California and around the world.

Their work reflects the use of several different firing techniques including Raku, Salt/Soda glazing, Oxidation and Reduction fires. Firing temperatures range from 1629°F (887°C) to 2437°F (1336°C).

Bonnie and Steven use several different clay formulas, depending on the use of the piece and the surface they are trying to achieve. All of their glazes are developed at their studio, and are non-toxic and safe for food contact. Steven's background in chemistry has allowed him to develop glazes to match everything from carpet colors to wallpaper. In addition to developing glazes, Steven has repaired and built kilns since early in his career, which allows him to have a broad understanding of firing techniques.

Both Steven and Bonnie have a close personal bond with the long tradition of pottery making, and a fine appreciation of the potter's place in history.

"The challenge of being a potter is tied to the relationship between one's self which is always learning and growing, and the pot. Pottery becomes a way of life, a philosophy, rather than just an activity. That you can actually see these pots created so long ago is astounding! Pottery transcends time, and provides a vital link to the past. Working in clay places you into this continuum which allows for limitless possibilities."

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