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The idea of a web site originally came from our dear friend Yugi Sato who lives in Japan. He thought it might be a good idea to put some of our work on the web, and offered to create some pages to begin with using images we sent him. He already had his own web site, and put our work up on the Japanese server he was using for his site. We found a local person to translate our words into Japanese, and Yugi found a pottery teacher to translate the technical information.

We wanted to change the "look" of the Japanese site for an American audience, and an old friend came to our aid during a brief time when he was (fortunately for us) between jobs. There is no question, without the help of John Schmidt who helped us by converting our ideas into web pages, and creating logos, this site might look very different. We owe him a great debt of gratitude for his time and guidance when we first had the idea of having this web site.

Additional help came from another good friend, Joel McKelvey. He suggested using some of our grid platters as the link buttons on our web pages. He also wrote the Java Script for our home page which allows the viewer to see a different piece of pottery each time they either visit the page or click on "Refresh" to reload the page.

Last, but certainly not least, Steven's HTML/Web Design instructor at Cabrillo College here in Santa Cruz taught him virtually all he knows about making web pages. John Govsky is, without a doubt, one of the best of all the instructors Steven ever had in a college classroom. To understand the scope of this statement, this includes 5 1/2 years of full time University education, and all the courses that entails!

We would be remiss if we didn't mention the editorial assistance of our friends and family who gave us feedback about descriptions, typos, etc. Chief amongst our editors was our cousin Laurie Herman. Her sharp eye and thoughtful ways of giving advice were and will continue to be invaluable. Our dear friend, Tim Smith, also came to our aid with many useful comments to help improve the viewing experience.

It has been a long, and sometimes frustrating, journey to develop this web site. Bonnie and I have spent hundreds of hours designing pages, coming up with hopefully concise and understandable descriptions, and preparing the images for the web using Adobe®  Photoshop® and Image Ready®. We hope you like what you see. Stay well, and thanks for visiting!

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We have been members of our local Santa Cruz Art League since about 1976. Please visit them to see a wide range of really wonderful art work in many different media: http://www.scal.org/    0

We are listed at Santa Cruz Visual Arts: Santa Cruz Visual Arts

Otto & Vivika Heino influenced our work in many ways. Though Vivika has passed on, Otto is still going strong, and you can visit him at: http://www.ottospottery.com/

Gail McCarthy was Bonnie's first pottery teacher, and is still a close friend with whom we stay in touch. You can find her work at: http://www.gailmccarthy.com/

During the late 1960's and early 1970's Steven was very much excited by the work of English potter Michael Cardew. He had the good fortune to actually stay with him at his home/studio in Cornwall in 1972. He has since passed away, but his son Seth Cardew still carries on the tradition at Wenford Bridge at: http://www.wenfordbridge.com/

Shoji Hamada was considered a "Living National Treasure" in Japan. He was another influence on Steven, who went to visit him in 1974, and was with him during a firing in his large wood-fired kiln. He died in 1978 at the age of 84. You can see some of his work at: http://www.studiopottery.com/potters/hamadashoji.html/

The first people Steven met when he moved to Santa Cruz in 1974 were Dan and Laurie Hennig. They are two very wonderful and fun people who also work in clay! You can find their work at: http://www.campclimaxpottery.com/

I met Zerky's Dad in 2009.  His name is Bill Raney, and he is a most amazing person, with an equally amazing life story.  Please follow this link to learn more about Zerky and his wonderful parents : http://waltzingaroundtheworld.com

A wonderful site for shopping: http://www.rafasys.com/crafts/site/27796

Another interesting shopping site is: http://www.tjoos.com/Coupon/46388/Barisof-Designs  Barisof Designs Coupons on Tjoos.com  We sometimes offer a coupon through this site!

We're at the bottom of the page at this catalog site:  http://catalogue.artmam.com/en/search-Raku.html  We were originally listed here for our Raku pottery.

We can be found in the Google Directory at:  http://www.google.com/Top/Shopping/Crafts/Ceramic_Art_and_Pottery/Functional/  We are 6th from the bottom of the page.

We are near the bottom of this page at:  http://www.seitenlinks.de/shopping/Pottery.html This is a German site, but it has international listings.

You can find a link to us at:  http://www.dmpmc.net/THMD/ceramics.html This is a handmade handcrafts directory of works from around the world.

You can also find a link to us at:  http://www.buscaki.com.br/world/search.php?browse=/Shopping/Crafts/Ceramics/Pottery/ This is an online directory of many different types of artwork.

Another link to us is at this Dutch site:  http://www.opzijnbest.nl/informatie-over-keramiek_1841.htm This is an online directory of many different potters.  We are listed about 3/4 down toward the bottom of the page.

AboutUs has a link to us at:  http://www.aboutus.org/PotteryByBarisof.com They are working to create a guide to all websites.

Denby china find. We buy and sell discontinued Denby pottery/china in UK At Denby China Find. Discontinued Denby China bought and sold. We handle most Denby China patterns. http://www.denbychinafind.co.uk/

I can't say enough about Phil Poburka and his Bison Studios. I bought a trimming tool from him in the early 1990's, and after about a dozen years I finally had to send it to him for sharpening. He uses tungsten carbide to make the tool, and it can even trim bisque! To learn more, and see what he has to offer, go to: http://www.bisonstudios.com/

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